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The Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting for Your Business

26 Apr

 Also called cloud hosting, cloud server hosting is a kind of hosting service in which multiple servers arranged in a cluster or cloud formation are used to provide hosting service to the customers or clients. There is no limitation as to resources in this kind of hosting. The performance of server is very good in this hosting due to the presence of multiple servers. Cloud hosting is best suited in situations where a large number of widely spread customers are to be served.

Cloud server hosting has emerged as the most recent and popular hosting option in the hosting industry (even popular than dedicated server hosting and VPS server hosting). Listed below are some important benefits of cloud server hosting for your business:

·         While there is a single server available to the customer in standard hosting, cloud hosting offers the processing speed of multiple servers.

·         User has the freedom to increase or decrease the server resources while on go; he may also upgrade the server components.

·         In cloud hosting, network down times are almost none because there are multiple servers present in it.

·         In cloud hosting several servers work on a single virtual platform, which keeps the operational costs low; that is why the clients also get this service at comparatively low rates.

·         In this hosting, the client has to pay only for the resources actually used by him, rather than a flat fee.

·         The security level of this service is very good; it secures data against critical factors like power outages, fire, and even catastrophes.

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How to Choose The Best Email Hosting Company

25 Apr

The importance and relevance of emails in contemporary business environment is not hidden. More and more companies and enterprises are relying on emails for communicating with their customers and clients. The reason for such huge popularity of emails in online businesses is the fact that emails are so simple to use and operate. The marketing department has to compose a nice email template and share with the user. That’s it. Every type of communication, news and announcements can be conveniently shared across the customers list.

In order to have a successful and result oriented email campaign, it is important to have a reliable and dependable email hosting provider or corporate email solutions. Before finalizing your provider, there should be a thorough examination and research related to the various factors of email marketing. In short, below are some of the features which should be calibrated before choosing your email hosting company:

a) Security: These days, the danger of viruses and Trojans are always looking overhead. And, emails the primary carriers of these viruses and Trojans. Even if a single security firewall is breached, it can endanger the whole IT Infrastructure of the organization. Thus, it is imperative to choose the email hosting provider which can ensure complete security against these viruses.

b) Features: Carefully check the features of the email hosting company before making the final choice. The features and tools available should be rightfully adjusted and marked-up with the existing tasks which your company plans to carry out. If the required functions and tools are not present, then there is no point in choosing the provider.

c)  Price: At the end, the pricing options should be checked and compared with all existing providers of email hosting and then choosing the one which in under your marketing budget.

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Features of Good Email Hosting Provider

25 Apr
Money lies in the list, as the saying goes in the realms of online marketing world. Its not important which industry you are targeting; emails are an important asset in each and every niche. You must be wondering why? It is because that it works. Emails always create a special bonding, and a special relationship between the company/service provider and the customers. Emails are checked almost daily and regularly by the customer, and everything you share and express via emails are carefully read and consumed by the reader. Emails are special marketing tools, and every business owner and webmaster should pay heed to the importance of sending and sharing emails. No wonder, that the most successful online marketers and online business owners have a huge list of emails of their customers and potential customers. Whenever a new announcement is being made or a new product is being launched, it is these special email lists which are approached and contacted. Hence, it is very important that usage of emails be appropriate and targeted. And only email hosting provider can ensure that emails are delivered to the correct person.

After reading the above description, it is clear that emails are an important business asset. Then, how can you ensure that your emails are being read and consumed in the most appropriate manners? The solution lies in choosing the best email hosting company.

An email hosting company’s main concern is to deliver the emails to the targeted audience. Additionally, the email hosting provider also hosts and protects the email list of the business owner. Thus, there are few important pointers and criteria which should be examined before choosing the best provider.

Some of these essential pointers are:

a)      Deliver ability Benchmark: Deliver ability benchmark is nothing but the accuracy with which the emails are being delivered. If the emails are not delivered in a timely manner, then there is no point in choosing that provider. Thus, a good email hosting provider will make sure that the emails are being sent to the appropriate segment of users. Additionally, they also have the templates which can make the email attractive which can increase the CTR or Click Through Rate.

b)    Analytics report: The good email hosting provider should be able to provide timely and updated analytics report which can describe and detail the emails which are sent and delivered. Analytic reports are very important for the successful campaign for any business establishment.

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Cloud Server – The Future of Technology

25 Apr
Cloud technology has completely revolutionized the contemporary IT infrastructure. With more and more companies choosing cloud over traditional way of managing IT, it is evident that cloud is the future.
Website hosting, too, is not left untouched with this new revolution called cloud. Under the traditional approach, the website servers and hardware installations used to be hosted at the client’s location which is also called inhouse deployment of website hosting. However, with the new wave of cloud technology, this method is slowly becoming obsolete. Now, this is the age of cloud servers. If your company has not yet chosen cloud, then it is high time that the switch be made, and rules be broken. Cloud servers and cloud technology will change everything aspect of IT infrastructure and management.
In this mode of offering website hosting, companies need not invest in heavy and costly infrastructure costs associated with the IT management. All you need to do is choose an able vendor which can provide reliable and dependable cloud server facilities with powerful performance. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware installations and networking equipments. As the platform of the web is being used for the delivery of service, everything is systematic and organized with cloud servers.
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Email Hosting – The Choice of Smart Businesses

24 Apr

You might have heard of the term email hosting; it is basically an internet hosting service that runs email servers. Email hosting services generally offer premium email in exchange for a price, while the advertisement supported web mail is available for free. Thus, email hosting services differ from typical end-user email providers like web mail sites. While the web mail sites cater to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), the email hosting services are most appropriate for large enterprises where there is a demand for high level of security, customization, and flexibility.

Today, taking email hosting services from an email hosting company is considered the choice of smart businesses; given under are the reasons in support of the same:

Secure Access to Web mail – Email hosting service ensures secure access to web mail for all the employees in your organization. The industry standard for mail servers is 128-bit encryption. This encryption remains active as long as the web mail session is going on.

Huge Storage Space – Signing for email hosting service with a dedicated server provides you with huge storage space along with each mailbox. This storage space may be distributed in gigabytes or megabytes; in either case the space is enough to accommodate thousands of mails.

Anytime Access from Any Place– You can access your mailbox at any hour of the day from any place by opting for smart email hosting solutions. This service can be availed through any device or web browser. The devices like Windows Mobile and iPhone’s support all the features of email hosting services.

Secure POP and IMAP Access – The access to desktop email clients through POP or IMAP becomes highly secure with email hosting solutions. You don’t need to worry about the security of the privacy of your emails, user ids, and passwords; the entire email traffic is encrypted. Encryption of information prevents leakage or theft while data exchange.

No Hardware or Setup Costs – You may save a lot of your precious money by opting for email hosting provider. By taking email hosting services from an email hosting company, you save costs on purchase of a business email server, setup and installation costs, operating costs, and maintenance costs.

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Empower Your Business with Cloud Server

23 Apr
Cloud is the most talked about term in the technological landscape these days. Right from IT managers and CEOs to the technological blogger and enthusiast is raving about the next technological revolution which has unleashed on us. But, in reality, very few are aware of the core logic and relevance behind the Cloud Technology. And when it comes to understanding and analyzing cloud server, then this figure drops down further. This post will try to postmortem the terms cloud technology and cloud servers. And it will help you to determine the importance and relevance of managed VPS hosting in increasing productivity and profitability.
Cloud is a term devised by technology enthusiasts to call a technology which basically exists virtually. It’s a platform which can support and provide world class infrastructure, without actually investing in the real costs and expenses. Thus, a company based in Boston, USA and easily access and use the services of a website hosting provider based in New Delhi, India without even investing in the bandwidth and infrastructure costs. Cloud saves costs and expenditure of a company, and increases productivity.
Cloud hosting is the system of providing website hosting, based on the cloud technology. In cloud hosting, a company can access to the website hosting services provided by a vendor who is based in a remote location. For example, there is a company which is based in Argentina. They need website hosting for their online business. CloudOYE, which is India’s number 1 hosting and email hosting Company has an army of high powered servers. That company in Argentina, decides to take the services of CloudOYE. Now, the actual website hosting and services of the data centers can be provided to the Argentina based company, using the cloud platform. Without investing in the actual hardware and network installation, the offshore based company is now hosting their website and whole online business in the website servers provided b Go4Hosting. That is the power of cloud.
Managed VPS server is a type of website hosting service which is gaining popularity among the IT fraternity due to its distinct advantages related to expenditure and resource expenditures. Virtual Private Servers are a type of website servers which are being increasingly used by the online businesses and webmaster for better quality of service. In this system, a server is divided virtually into several parts, such that each server acts like standalone server. The owner can install software and scripts in this virtual server and can easily customize according to needs.
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Enhance Productivity with Managed VPS Hosting

21 Apr
Productivity is defined as the net result or output generated after performing a particular task for a specific of period of time. Thus, if after working for 8 hours in a day, if your team is able to generate $50,000 sales by using various sales and marketing related methods, then your team is reflecting a productivity of $50,000 if we calculate in terms of revenue generated. Productivity can be defined and described in various other methods as well, depending on the requirement and specifications.

If we calculate and evaluate productivity in terms of IT spending and total hours consumed by IT specialists and users, then it has been found that high end services such as managed VPS hosting can bring scale up productivity in an exponential way, sometime over-taking the total productivity of the whole company. And such amazing results are only possible due to methodological and systematic approach of managed VPS hosting.

In this type of website hosting plan, every tasks and actions related to the overall hosting mechanism is being managed by a dedicated team of specialists. In case there is any issue related to the hosting aspect of your business, this team will manage and trouble shoot the issues as and when they occur. Just instant resolution of IT related problems can assist your company in improving the ROI, and increasing productivity.

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