What Is Cloud Server

13 Apr
Cloud Server can be defined as a virtual server, which is located at vendor’s location and can be accessed by customers remotely. Such servers can be rented and used as per the demand and requirements. The best part about cloud servers is scalability.
Traffic and load on the website can dramatically increase at any moment. With traditional hosting structure, the disk space and bandwidth cannot be increased instantly as there exists operational constraints. However with cloud server, the configuration and capability of the hardware can be spontaneously alters as per the demand. This advantage of feasibility and scalability of cloud servers have made them immensely popular in contemporary online business environment.
Both Windows and Linux operating system can be installed on a cloud server. Additionally, various other scripts and software as desired by the clients can also be installed on the server. Additionally, the bandwidth and disk space of the servers can also be changed by the client. With 24 hours technical support, which is available 7 days a week, cloud servers can drastically reduce the costs overhead and improvise performance as well.
Go4hosting offers world class cloud servers at affordable rates. Cloud servers available at Go4hosting are reliable, dependable and performance oriented. Having over 10 years of experience in providing top notch website hosting services and data center solution to global companies all around the world, Go4hosting is India’s one of the oldest IT Services company.

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