A Brief Introduction to Cloud Server Hosting

20 Apr

Cloud server hosting or cloud hosting signifies a type of hosting service in which multiple servers are arranged together in a cluster or cloud formation. There is no resource limitation present in case of cloud hosting. This hosting option is the latest in the industry and has proved very effective and reliable, especially for businesses with requirement of high processing speed and bandwidth.

Following are some major advantages of cloud server hosting:

  • Unlike a standard hosting plan, in cloud server hosting you get the processing speed of multiple servers.
  • The user gets the privilege of installing multiple programs and applications in this hosting option.
  • The server resources can be increased or decreased by the user while on go. He may also upgrade server components as per his needs and preferences.
  • The network down-times are almost eliminated in the case of cloud server hosting.
  • This kind of hosting is quite inexpensive because there are several servers operating on a single virtual platform, hence low operating costs.
  • Cloud server offers the service of the level of dedicated server, while the service charges are equivalent to or may be less than that of shared hosting.
  • In cloud hosting the customer has to pay only for the resources actually used by him, rather than a flat fee.
  • Cloud server hosting provides high level of security; it safeguards your crucial data against threats like power cuts, fire, and even catastrophes.

You may get further information on cloud server hosting, along with other related topics like dedicated server hosting, Cloud Storage, email hosting providers, server management, etc.


One Response to “A Brief Introduction to Cloud Server Hosting”

  1. eUKhost October 24, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    Cloud works awesome to deploy anything online.

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