Empower Your Business with Cloud Server

23 Apr
Cloud is the most talked about term in the technological landscape these days. Right from IT managers and CEOs to the technological blogger and enthusiast is raving about the next technological revolution which has unleashed on us. But, in reality, very few are aware of the core logic and relevance behind the Cloud Technology. And when it comes to understanding and analyzing cloud server, then this figure drops down further. This post will try to postmortem the terms cloud technology and cloud servers. And it will help you to determine the importance and relevance of managed VPS hosting in increasing productivity and profitability.
Cloud is a term devised by technology enthusiasts to call a technology which basically exists virtually. It’s a platform which can support and provide world class infrastructure, without actually investing in the real costs and expenses. Thus, a company based in Boston, USA and easily access and use the services of a website hosting provider based in New Delhi, India without even investing in the bandwidth and infrastructure costs. Cloud saves costs and expenditure of a company, and increases productivity.
Cloud hosting is the system of providing website hosting, based on the cloud technology. In cloud hosting, a company can access to the website hosting services provided by a vendor who is based in a remote location. For example, there is a company which is based in Argentina. They need website hosting for their online business. CloudOYE, which is India’s number 1 hosting and email hosting Company has an army of high powered servers. That company in Argentina, decides to take the services of CloudOYE. Now, the actual website hosting and services of the data centers can be provided to the Argentina based company, using the cloud platform. Without investing in the actual hardware and network installation, the offshore based company is now hosting their website and whole online business in the website servers provided b Go4Hosting. That is the power of cloud.
Managed VPS server is a type of website hosting service which is gaining popularity among the IT fraternity due to its distinct advantages related to expenditure and resource expenditures. Virtual Private Servers are a type of website servers which are being increasingly used by the online businesses and webmaster for better quality of service. In this system, a server is divided virtually into several parts, such that each server acts like standalone server. The owner can install software and scripts in this virtual server and can easily customize according to needs.
With 10 years of experience in providing top notch services related to cloud technology and managed VPS hosting, CloudOYE is preferred and recommended for its brilliant services. For more information related to Cloud Data Center Services, you can directly login to CloudOYE.

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