Why to Choose Managed VPS Hosting?

24 May

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a single physical server with various virtual partitions on it, where each partition acts like an individual server. VPS server can also be customized to suit the client’s needs. This server is primarily used for providing web-hosting service. There are two basic types of VPS hosting, viz., Unmanaged VPS Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting; the latter is more beneficial and some of its important merits are mentioned under:

  • In managed VPS hosting the maintenance works like server monitoring, installation of applications, updates, system configuration, etc., are undertaken by the service provider; hence, it provides peace of mind to the client company’s entrepreneur.
  • Managed VPS hosting option proves significantly economical in comparison to the unmanaged. This is because with managed hosting service you are not required to purchase IT equipment or employ IT staff.
  • Round the clock technical support is provided by the hosting firm in case of managed hosting to resolve customer issues.
  • The managed hosting plan also includes the management of root kit monitors, firewalls, and various other security features.
  • Conducting tasks like data backup, server reboot, and system recovery is comparatively convenient in managed hosting.

CloudOYE is a leading firm that offers a variety of hosting solutions. The firm has over a decade of industry experiences and is serving a wide base of global customers. You may get more information about Managed Cloud Hosting, along with Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Server Hosting, Server Management, Email Hosting Providers, and more.


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