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Major Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting over Shared Hosting

5 Jun
Dedicated server can be defined as a single web server within a network of computers that is solely devoted to a particular customer or client at a time. This server is reserved to serve the needs of the network. In the context of web hosting, a dedicated server refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer that includes a web server, associated software, and internet connectivity, housed in a hi-tech hosting facility. This kind of server is most suitable for those websites that have to handle huge traffic each day (e.g., up to 35 million visitors per day). The company taking dedicated server hosting service from a third party service provider could configure and handle the server remotely.

In dedicated server hosting the client leases an entire server that is exclusively used by it. The company taking dedicated server hosting service gets full control over the server; it can customize the system hardware and software according to its requirements. Given under are some major advantages of dedicated server hosting over shared hosting:

·       There is limited space available to the user in shared server hosting; this space could easily get exhausted when the data handling needs of the business increase. In case of dedicated hosting there is enormous space.
·        If your site(s) is hosted through a shared server, it may experience frequent system down-times. While there is no possibility of system downtimes in case of dedicated server hosting.
·         There is more flexibility in case of dedicated hosting than shared hosting. For instance, with a dedicated server the system administrator can select the operating system of his choice, but not so with shared server.
·         In dedicated server hosting the user has the option to choose the hardware and equipment as per his requirement; this cannot be done in case of shared hosting.

·       An organization leasing a dedicated server can configure it in accordance with its needs. Such configuration can’t be done with a shared server due to the fact that it is used by multiple clients at a time, hence cannot be configured to suit the requirements of any one of them.

The above mentioned advantages of dedicated server hosting over shared hosting attracts a large number of businesses towards it. The majority of large business houses today are opting for dedicated hosting. This hosting type has gained much popularity in the data center India industry over the years and its demand is still on a rise.

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