Dedicated Server: Points to keep in mind

15 Feb

There are many important points that one should keep in mind while you are planning to buy a dedicated server for your business. Although, it is always advisable to maintain your exchange email hosting on a dedicated server. However a managed server provides more support and services thereby ensuring smooth  business operations . Normally, the managed server has got a target client base, which consists of people who are technically challenged or have limited technical knowledge. On the other hand, the dedicated server in India works well with big business houses (who have a separate and dedicated IT team) and big website companies.

Dedicated Hosting India

Dedicated Server

The basic management of server involves paying attention to the following points:

  • Monitoring of server
  • Services for firewall
  • Securing software from any kind of spam
  • Maintaining regular backups and restoration of data in case of data loss
  • Updating the applications regularly
  • Installation  and configuration of  any new software
  • Controlling and giving access to users as per their requirement
  • Hosting the DNS
  • Update the antivirus at regular intervals
  • Any other consultation service that might be required

Thus, no matter whether you have a Dedicated Server Hosting or a shared one; it is important that you do take proper care of the server and maintain the above mentioned list of items. Any kind of careless attitude towards the server might lead it to crash and that would make you suffer huge losses of important data across the board. So, be careful to maintain a constant vigilance all the time.


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