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Explaining the different Tier Levels of a Data Center

6 May

If you have been interested in taking the services of a data center for hosting your website, portal or any web-application, then you must look into the kind of services being provided. Generally, these services are provided on the basis of grade of data center. These grades are Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV. Tier I is the lowest level while Tier IV is the highest one. The same global grading system is also adopted by data center solution India.

DataCenter go4hosting.jpg

Following are the details of each of these grade which will help you in selection of the right center for your needs:

Tier I: Under this type of center, there is a provision for single uplink and servers with non-redundant components. There is also a provision for single path for power and cooling. The systems record an uptime availability of 99.671%.

Tier II: The difference between Tier I and Tier II is essentially of the redundant capacity components being present in the latter. At this level the uptime availability is 99.741%.

Tier III: It is significantly different from the earlier two tiers in that there are multiple cooling and power distribution paths that are active and allows for concurrent maintenance. It provides uptime of 99.982%. This level data center also has redundant components.

Tier IV: This level allows for even higher levels of uptime of 99.995% and has capacity to deal with any faults. There are stringent security measures in place including biometric access controls.

Data Centers in India are also classified according to these tier levels. For better information of webmasters who are willing to use data center, these levels define what can be expected from these centers. Prices also vary according to the tier levels of services provided.

Growing significance of Cloud Storage in India

6 Aug

It goes without saying that data is highly critical for each and every organization. And, if this data get lost due to unexpected reasons it can bring the business of any organization to a screeching halt. Undoubtedly, now businesses, be it SMBs or large organizations are seeking ways to keep their data in location where it is kept in secure environment. With the advancement in technology, lot many techniques have come forth to facilitate the user with best storage option.

One such option that has become a preferred choice among businesses these days is cloud storage India. It enables users to upload, store, and share data or information anytime and from anywhere. Through cloud storage businesses can secure their files from any disastrous event that can harm their data.

Through a robust cloud storage system, files are kept virtually without any need to worry about viruses, crashes, power disruption or a simple loss of data. Broadly speaking, most of the individuals use cloud storage without even knowing exactly about it.

For instance,either through email or web accounts wherein data is stored and can be accessed through the Internet. However, businesses can look towards dependable cloud storage provision as way to handle data proficiently, as their files endure to multiply each year. Cloud Storage India is a way that offers economical means to store data proficiently and steadily.

There are numerous of service providers that you can look for online. And, these vendors actually maintain their own highly advanced Data Center in India to keep the data of their clients safe and secure. All you need to do is to move your data to a reliable service provider. So, that in case of unexpected event your data remains intact.

Hence, I would like to conclude by suggesting that keep your highly confidential data or information in a safe and secure environment of Data Center in IndiaDedicated Hosting India

Why Web Hosting Service?

24 Sep

Web hosting or website hosting is a service which powers a website. Without web hosting services, no website can ever be accessible to anyone on this Earth. The importance and relevance of website hosting services can gauged from the fact that this industry is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%, when observed on a worldwide view.

In simple terms, a web hosting company provides server space to individuals and organizations so that they can host their files and software in them. Whenever someone requests that particular website, then the information is in-fact retrieved from these web servers, provided by website hosting services. Using World Wide Web, the website is accessible to its users and readers to all over the world. Using specific protocols and information architecture layers, the information is retrieved from these web servers, and served on the website browsers of the end users.

Web servers, which are an integral part of the website hosting services industry, are typically stored in a data center. Now, a data center is a physical location or a hub which is used to store and maintain these huge web servers along with other hardware equipments and networking hardware. Using these different components, a data center is able to transfer and transmit the information from one end to the other of the globe, and hence serve its purpose.

Dedicated Server

There are mainly three types of different web hosting services available today:

Shared Hosting: In shared hosting, a web server is typically used to host several websites, without any firewall or distinction between them. Hence, all the websites hosted on a shared web hosting is free to free whatever hardware configuration is available on the server. This is the cheapest form of website hosting and is preferred by new webmasters and bloggers who are not sure about the traffic levels which they may encounter. Hence, to start an online based business, it is always advisable to start with shared hosting.

VPS Server: Virtual Private Servers are web servers wherein the system is internally or virtualized divided into several parts. And each of these virtually divided web server can be treated as a standalone server, having its own distinct properties. In the overall scheme of things, VPS servers can be placed in between shared and dedicated servers. These are less expensive and provide more value to the end user.

Dedicated Server: Dedicated servers are the most powerful and result oriented website hosting service, which provides maximum security and maximum features. If your website is experiencing more and more traffic, which is incrementing on a monthly basis, and the services you provide are mission critical, then the best option shall be to be choosing dedicated servers for your online business.

CloudOYE provides world class web hosting services, and have experience of more than 10 years in this domain. For more information related to data center India services and dedicated servers hosting offered by us, you are encouraged to visit us at now!

Dedicated Server – An Overview

24 Aug

The advantages of dedicated server all across the world have been unmatched. The role of data center India and dedicated servers are interlinked together. Dedicated servers have been assigned the role of working as host systems. They also act as hard drives that work for an individual website or a sole enterprise. Thus the dedicated servers working for its company has complete control over it. We can also say that they are just the opposite in functioning when compared to the “shared servers”.

Data centers in India are developing at a tremendous pace these days. It has been found that earlier the data centers were very big. Their functions were also a bit different from those performed today. The importance of these servers lies in the fact that they are preferred these days more over shared servers’. They have infinite benefits which are easily available these days at reasonable prices.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

When we give a thought to the benefits of dedicated servers, we find that they ensure you a safe and secure website. If you have been sharing data centers, dedicated servers with numerous people, then there is a danger of your site getting attacked by outside intruders. With the facilities given by dedicated servers, you do not have to worry about a safe and secure connection. All your worries will be solved and your confidential information will be secured.

Data center India help you to easily get attached to the dedicated servers, thus enhance your system’s performance by having a worthy control over various aspects of your system as its memory power as well as the power supply. It has also been seen that shared servers on the other hand do not provide you complete freedom. One has to adhere with the protocols and the terms which have been set by the host or the service provider. The shared web providers have been dictating policies regarding the power supply and the memory they have been providing in return.

With the so called dedicated servers working under the supervision of data center India, one can easily get the facility of an infinite bandwidth along with along with an unlimited diskette space. You can easily get an access to infinite domain links and names as well. The dedicated server has proven to be an added advantage as one can easily get the latest and trendiest technological know-how with them. On the other hand, shared servers have been making the usage of traditional software, whereas dedicated servers make the use often latest technology available. They are thus more speedy and user friendly as well. You can be confident about the security of your website, once you have started using the facilities of the data center in India as well as dedicated servers.

Business Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

18 Jul

The ever increasing demand of greater bandwidth is no more a problem as there is dedicated server hosting available. Dedicated server allows a website to add as many features as possible and makes it look more user-friendly and professional. Gone are the days when you had no other option than to share a network with others. There are some tremendous benefits of hosting on a dedicated server. Here in this article we will discuss how dedicated servers are beneficial for a business organization.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers                     

A website that was being managed through shared hosting will experience a complete change when it starts enjoying services of dedicated servers.  Have a glance at the following:

  • Improved Response Time

After a website starts using dedicated servers, the response time is improved tremendously. Usually it is the bandwidth that ensures response time of a site. Limited or shared network often becomes the major cause why some websites take so much time in opening. You customers will have quick access to the website.

  • Regular Technical Support

Though a shared server is quite cheaper in comparison to that of dedicated servers, but you do not enjoy the same facilities. Most of the host companies offer regular technical support to clients using dedicated servers. More often than not one will not have to wait for the tech support department to reach.

  • Flexibility and Expansion

It was one of the major drawbacks of a website managed on shared hosting that several features and services could not be used including security programs. That made it very insecure for online shoppers, but that certainly is not the case with today’s dedicated server. You can add as many features as you wish to.  Configure setting can now be changed anytime with ease.

  • Multiple Websites

Today most of the business organization own more than one website with a single account and it is a dedicated server hosting that they need to avail services of. Adding multiple websites in accounts assisted with such hosting is quite easy.

Having such tremendous benefits is the reason why people all around the globe have started using dedicated server hosting. See, you should never wish to lose a customer because of a lousy and slow to response website. The technical assistance and associated benefits make it more desirable to use dedicated servers. Though cost is still on the higher side that needs to be taken care of, but you surely enjoy benefits as per the paid price. Any upgrade either in hardware of software will not require further resources, it certainly is one of the best features of dedicated server hosting and Data Center India that allows even the small enterprise to derive maximum benefits out of it.

Major Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting over Shared Hosting

5 Jun
Dedicated server can be defined as a single web server within a network of computers that is solely devoted to a particular customer or client at a time. This server is reserved to serve the needs of the network. In the context of web hosting, a dedicated server refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer that includes a web server, associated software, and internet connectivity, housed in a hi-tech hosting facility. This kind of server is most suitable for those websites that have to handle huge traffic each day (e.g., up to 35 million visitors per day). The company taking dedicated server hosting service from a third party service provider could configure and handle the server remotely.

In dedicated server hosting the client leases an entire server that is exclusively used by it. The company taking dedicated server hosting service gets full control over the server; it can customize the system hardware and software according to its requirements. Given under are some major advantages of dedicated server hosting over shared hosting:

·       There is limited space available to the user in shared server hosting; this space could easily get exhausted when the data handling needs of the business increase. In case of dedicated hosting there is enormous space.
·        If your site(s) is hosted through a shared server, it may experience frequent system down-times. While there is no possibility of system downtimes in case of dedicated server hosting.
·         There is more flexibility in case of dedicated hosting than shared hosting. For instance, with a dedicated server the system administrator can select the operating system of his choice, but not so with shared server.
·         In dedicated server hosting the user has the option to choose the hardware and equipment as per his requirement; this cannot be done in case of shared hosting.

·       An organization leasing a dedicated server can configure it in accordance with its needs. Such configuration can’t be done with a shared server due to the fact that it is used by multiple clients at a time, hence cannot be configured to suit the requirements of any one of them.

The above mentioned advantages of dedicated server hosting over shared hosting attracts a large number of businesses towards it. The majority of large business houses today are opting for dedicated hosting. This hosting type has gained much popularity in the data center India industry over the years and its demand is still on a rise.

CloudOYE is an established data centre in India that provides world class hosting solutions to its customers worldwide. Through its commitment to quality and affordable pricing the firm has earned a distinguished place for itself in the data centre in Indian industry. Their primary services include Dedicated Hosting, Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Co-location Hosting.

Three Advantages of Server Colocation

16 Apr
If you are active in online marketing and eCommerce, then the importance and relevance of a good website hosting service is not hidden from you. Without a robust website hosting, your business is simply without spine. Unless your hosting provider offers seamless connectivity and timely technical support, you cannot aim to grow and expand your business. This is the reason that several online businesses have resorted to maintaining their own in-house arrangement for website hosting services. However, such an arrangement is often expensive and consumes lots of resources. Then, what is the ideal option for such online business owners?

The solution lies in Server Colocation. Server Colocation is a website hosting model wherein the actual hardware and website servers are placed offsite, with a vendor who specializes in such offering. There are various data centers in India which can provide you the best server colocation options.

Below are the three main advantages of choosing server colocation:

a)  Reduced cost: By choosing not to install in-house website hosting service, your organization can save lots of money. Server colocation is typically provided by a vendor which has the required compatibly and resources to fulfill the demands. Thus, you are no longer required to worry about the expensive web servers or networking equipment. Everything is being taken care of by the vendor.

            Focus on business logic: Server colocation assists your business to take more focus on the core business logic. In case you are busy managing and optimizing the in-house set-up of hosting services, then the top management of the company can ignore the more important tasks at hand such as managing the company operations. One of the most crucial factors of a successful business venture is their ability to focus on the more important and relevant tasks at hand, rather than getting distracted and wasting time. By choosing such website hosting plan, you as the business owner or manager of the company can work more on the primary business, thus enabling more productivity and profits.

Improved performance: Server colocation has proved that the performance always improvises after choosing this hosting model. As your website and information would be hosted on powerful servers and computers, you can be assured of receiving top notch service which can propel and encourage more business for you.

    In case you are data centre India and server colocation, then you have arrived at the right destination. With the experience in providing world class website hosting services and data center solutions, Go4hosting is the name to reckon with. Having served some of the top notch global organization, Go4hosting is the most preferred and recommended website hosting services in India.