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Growing significance of Cloud Storage in India

6 Aug

It goes without saying that data is highly critical for each and every organization. And, if this data get lost due to unexpected reasons it can bring the business of any organization to a screeching halt. Undoubtedly, now businesses, be it SMBs or large organizations are seeking ways to keep their data in location where it is kept in secure environment. With the advancement in technology, lot many techniques have come forth to facilitate the user with best storage option.

One such option that has become a preferred choice among businesses these days is cloud storage India. It enables users to upload, store, and share data or information anytime and from anywhere. Through cloud storage businesses can secure their files from any disastrous event that can harm their data.

Through a robust cloud storage system, files are kept virtually without any need to worry about viruses, crashes, power disruption or a simple loss of data. Broadly speaking, most of the individuals use cloud storage without even knowing exactly about it.

For instance,either through email or web accounts wherein data is stored and can be accessed through the Internet. However, businesses can look towards dependable cloud storage provision as way to handle data proficiently, as their files endure to multiply each year. Cloud Storage India is a way that offers economical means to store data proficiently and steadily.

There are numerous of service providers that you can look for online. And, these vendors actually maintain their own highly advanced Data Center in India to keep the data of their clients safe and secure. All you need to do is to move your data to a reliable service provider. So, that in case of unexpected event your data remains intact.

Hence, I would like to conclude by suggesting that keep your highly confidential data or information in a safe and secure environment of Data Center in IndiaDedicated Hosting India


Change the Face of Your Business For Ever

29 Oct

Want your company to register even greater profits with each and every passing day? If yes, they do not think twice and get exchange email hosting since it

Exchange Email Hosting

Exchange Email Hosting

assists in addressing the problems of the employees through direct online communication with the seniors Exchange email hosting is the way of keeping detailed contacts with esteemed, hardworking and dedicated employees during working hours. Hence, you can easily access their email. It in turns gives the luxury for the employees to directly speak with the superiors of the company through emails as and when they encounter any difficulties or problems. Thanks to such a mind blowing and effective service, now employees do not have to-waste their valuable time and energy in terms of physically going to the superiors while they are faced with any sort of query. Thereby, they just have the detailed solution within the confines of their place. They just have to shoot an email and subsequently get the solution in a highly professionalized way. Hence, they can have more time in concentrating towards their work.

Exchange email hosting ensures greater degree of productivity which in turn goes a long way towards generating even greater profits for your reputed company. They are widely available for large, small or medium sized business. The best thing about them is the fact that the prices are kept quite reasonable which in turns gives the luxury for business owners to get full value for their money. Now gone are the days when your business could not do well and you did not have any answer for the same. Thanks to Exchange email hosting, you will experience increased amount of revenue from the first week itself. Hence it is just going to change your professional life for sure as you get the facility of the program.

Now, even the employees will feel even more eased and confident. Owing to the fact that they will always have someone to address their problems as and when they are faced with any dilemma. It strengthens the relations between the employees and the management even further since they feel that they are not neglected any more. Hence they will work even harder by saving time in getting their problems addressed. Start experiencing the pleasant change as soon as you get the same.

In such a competitive world, you cannot take any chances or else your business will be literally crushed. The time has come when you need to make your business reach zenith so that you can carve a niche for yourself away from the crowd. Gear up and arm yourself with this advanced technology and ensure increasing smiles forever. So what are you waiting for?

Why Web Hosting Service?

24 Sep

Web hosting or website hosting is a service which powers a website. Without web hosting services, no website can ever be accessible to anyone on this Earth. The importance and relevance of website hosting services can gauged from the fact that this industry is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%, when observed on a worldwide view.

In simple terms, a web hosting company provides server space to individuals and organizations so that they can host their files and software in them. Whenever someone requests that particular website, then the information is in-fact retrieved from these web servers, provided by website hosting services. Using World Wide Web, the website is accessible to its users and readers to all over the world. Using specific protocols and information architecture layers, the information is retrieved from these web servers, and served on the website browsers of the end users.

Web servers, which are an integral part of the website hosting services industry, are typically stored in a data center. Now, a data center is a physical location or a hub which is used to store and maintain these huge web servers along with other hardware equipments and networking hardware. Using these different components, a data center is able to transfer and transmit the information from one end to the other of the globe, and hence serve its purpose.

Dedicated Server

There are mainly three types of different web hosting services available today:

Shared Hosting: In shared hosting, a web server is typically used to host several websites, without any firewall or distinction between them. Hence, all the websites hosted on a shared web hosting is free to free whatever hardware configuration is available on the server. This is the cheapest form of website hosting and is preferred by new webmasters and bloggers who are not sure about the traffic levels which they may encounter. Hence, to start an online based business, it is always advisable to start with shared hosting.

VPS Server: Virtual Private Servers are web servers wherein the system is internally or virtualized divided into several parts. And each of these virtually divided web server can be treated as a standalone server, having its own distinct properties. In the overall scheme of things, VPS servers can be placed in between shared and dedicated servers. These are less expensive and provide more value to the end user.

Dedicated Server: Dedicated servers are the most powerful and result oriented website hosting service, which provides maximum security and maximum features. If your website is experiencing more and more traffic, which is incrementing on a monthly basis, and the services you provide are mission critical, then the best option shall be to be choosing dedicated servers for your online business.

CloudOYE provides world class web hosting services, and have experience of more than 10 years in this domain. For more information related to data center India services and dedicated servers hosting offered by us, you are encouraged to visit us at now!

Importance of Dedicated Server in India

31 Aug

If you’re an entrepreneur, you must have realized the value of online presence of your business. When it comes to giving a virtual presence to your entrepreneurial venture, the importance of dedicated servers can’t be understated. If your website is supported by the services of an efficient IT/ITES enterprise, you’ll have satisfied customers in the form of a motivating reward. The dedicated Data Center of based in India, offers par-excellence services in the field of website designing and web-hosting. Supported by efficient and dedicated servers, we at go4hosting ensure that you’re connected to your customers all across the globe without the constraints of time and space. Our data center is equipped with state of the art technology, backed by a highly skilled team of engineers, who ensure

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

that any error or bug in the communication system is rectified quickly. The value of dedicated servers is important because it is a vital component of designing a customer-friendly website. A customer visiting your website, at any time of the day should be able to browse the contents of the website easily, without any technical issues. To ensure that the data center and the dedicated servers always function at their peak, they need to be backed up by a well monitored technical system. Moreover, if your website encounters a huge influx of traffic, you need to have sufficient memory and data backup to restore all queries and reply timely to the customers.

A dedicated server, which forms one of the pillars of a data center will ensure that you’ve sufficient space for data storage. In case, your website is supported by a corrupted server system, it may take huge time to upload and the online visitors may face several problems.

For entrepreneurs who’re looking to peak their businesses by giving their ventures a new avatar, the services offered by can prove to be very beneficial. We’ve been providing our expert services into the field of web-hosting, data management and dedicated servers since a decade and the list of our client include the top-notch IT companies like Microsoft and Oracle. In case, you’ve decided to give your website an online presence that is free of any technical glitches and is in the safe hands of well-qualified professionals, you can trust CloudOYE, along with its efficient data center and dedicated servers.

Data Center and Website Hosting – An Overview

9 Jul

Data centers and dedicated hosting is no doubt useful in providing the architectural facilities as well as the basic infrastructural facilities when you are onto building a large network. It is often said when you need the entire power from metals, step onto dedicated web hosting, vps servers. These data center, dedicated server hosting strategies are no doubt providing a wide variety of options. You can get solutions for a single-leveled processor, to multiple or quadratic processors as well. They have been catering “hex-core power facilities’”, with which come along with RAM as well as GPU links. The nodes related to computing are no doubts of a higher performance. They are no doubt available through various online portals or through API.

If you have decided to build an architectural set up having hybrid networks along with feasible distribution networks as well, then you should go for web hosting, vps servers. The globalize private networks have no doubt will surely help you to manage the cloud layers and link building services. You can thus easily communicate with the remote servers as well throughout the world, as they had been placed in the same communication path. The connectivity provided under the data center, dedicated server are of the best standards, and you will save your “back-end” network charges as well, and get an instant access to the connectivity tools as well.

The Flexed images which are offered under the web hosting techniques have offered a platform for the deployment set up which is “unified image based”. You can thus gather cloud easily, and then step in to the field of dedicated hosting strategies. The features’ often referred to as “real-time cloning”, as well as “image based” back up facilities are also offered under the physical serving networks, Instead of operating on the “stand-alone”. Features, with dedicated server hosting techniques, you can easily integrate each and every cloud layer with the “Soft layer” servers as well as with the automated servers as well. Private networks can be easily handled with stable web hosting techniques in collaboration with the API as well as management systems. You don’t have to establish or avail any special package or connecting mechanism as such with these techniques. They are unique in themselves.

Role of Web Hosting and Vps Servers in successful hosting

9 Jul


With the help of the so called Data center and dedicated server techniques which have been established in the world of Information Technology in the recent years, a new boom has been seen, and that to within a short span of time. The successful “CloudOYE Data Centers” have no doubt given one of the best environments in the field of web hosting. You can easily perform each and every kind of work related to business management’s optimization, handling clouds, dedicated server techniques, “object layers” and so on. Thus all tasks are compiled under one roof using data centers, dedicated server.

The facility of data center, dedicated server is helping various kinds of organizations and in the technological changes. They have speed-ed and boosted up these transitions, thus providing a stabilized network of web services related to hosting tools. The web hosting facilities which are provided in India are no doubt of one of the best kind and they have indeed helped the IT industry in its main course. The services which are provided under the data centers include “Linux hosting facilities and solutions”; the services related to “Managed Hosting”, a continuous dedicated server support, the so called “VPS hosting strategies in India”, the database and exchange hosting facilities. The so called cloud services and computing solutions also come under the same. The recently launched “Collocation solutions” have gained strength with web hosting, vps servers.

These services are reliable and secure enough. At the data centers, one can also avail the customized solutions for hosting the web along with an insight to the latest technological tools as well. The unique blend of the popular “Tier 3 data center solutions”, have become popular in the cities of New Delhi as well as Jaipur these days. One can easily get the added advantage of the hosting facilities which have been certified as per the ISO standards. The carrier solutions offered under the data centers are no doubt catering to small scale as well as big enterprises. The data center located in Noida are offering a prime web hosting facilities which are of international standards and have given competition in the American market as well.

Benefits Offered by Cloud Server Hosting to Your Business

28 May
Cloud Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting is a kind of hosting service in which multiple servers are arranged in a cluster or cloud formation for providing web hosting services to the clients. This kind of hosting is most suited in business domains where a large number of customers are to be served over a wide area, and thus the processing speed and bandwidth requirement is very high.
Cloud server hosting is the most recent addition to the hosting types present in the industry; it has become very popular in a very short span of time. The reason for such prevalence of this hosting option so rapidly is the benefits provided by it. Some important benefits offered by cloud server hosting to your business are listed below:
  •     In a standard hosting plan only single server processing speed is available, while in cloud server hosting multiple servers’ processing speed is available.
  •     The user can install multiple programs and applications in case of cloud hosting.
  •     The user can modify the server resources while on move in case of cloud hosting; he may also upgrade the server components as per requirement.
  •     In this kind of hosting network down times are virtually absent owing to the availability of multiple servers. In case one server stops responding, some other server present in the cloud gets down to business.
  •     Since in cloud hosting several servers are located on a single virtual platform, the costs remain under control; this benefit is transferred to the client in form of economical service.
  •     You get dedicated server level service at the cost of shared hosting or may be less than that.
  •     In cloud hosting you are required to pay only for the resources actually used by you and not a flat fee, which is usually high.
  •     Optimum server security is offered by cloud hosting; data is protected even against critical factors like power cuts, fire, and calamities.
The relevance of cloud server hosting for your business could be well assessed through above points. You may go through these points once again and decide whether you find cloud server hosting a good hosting option for your business or not.
 CloudOYE is a leading hosting solution providing firm and email hosting company. The firm is in operation for over a decade in the hosting industry. Their services are designed by industry experts to provide maximum worth for your money. You may get further information about Cloud Data Center Services like Cloud Server Hosting, along with Email Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Server Management, etc.