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Work Cannot Be More Fun Through This

9 Aug

Do you want to work with ease and comfort? If yes is your answer; then you are the right platform. As you read the whole article you will get the best possible solution which will do wonders in easing your life like never before. The performance of the website has become all the more crucial and important in the present scenario. Businesses are leaving no stone unturned towards taking the assistance of online operations in order to market their products.  Business owners want to hand over the management of their business into trusted people by taking the assistance of managed VPS hosting.

managed VPS hosting

managed VPS hosting

Hence, a managed VPS service stands out to be the one which offers complete package in terms of dedicated server which is necessary for hosting the website along with software, set up and most importantly maintaining the server on periodical basis. Therefore, you are able to outsource all the requirements of the hosting. Thanks to the dedicated server, the client is in a position of using the server which is inside the data center. It is where the hosting of the website is done.

Since the server is not shared by any other website hence there will not be any sort of issues with regards to the performance. The importance is indeed great since it helps in giving the flexibility to the business with the changing times. Now you can pick and choose the server configuration according to your own needs and requirements of the business. Managed VPS hosting offers personalized service for clients. Since the hosting company takes the responsibility hence it becomes quite easy for the clients to focus on their work rather than worrying every now and then.

There are various benefits which are accompanied with managed VPS hosting. It ensures powerful and a stronger connection since it has the facility of dedicated servers. It allows their hosting plans rather than sharing hosting and bandwidth with others. It also ensures that you will have an extra level of support other than what a normal web hosting company is going to offer. It is indeed quite effective as well.  Since, they offer additional security in the event of disaster recovery along with back up as well. Hence it protects their data and equally ensures that data recovery procedures are equally in place too. Such plans are indeed monitored round the clock 7 days a week as well. Hence there is no problem which is going to arise in any way too. Thereby, you will never have any sort of trouble in reaching to support staff for any sort of services. You know that some one is there for you especially at the time when you need any sort of assistance.  This is the most pleasant thing which is indeed going to do wonders and hence you will have all the more ease and comfort too.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

7 Aug

When we take an insight into the main advantages of VPS hosting, we find that the managed VPS hosting facilities shave helped in the installation and configuration of numerous programs which are required for the root access. It is well known that “PHP”, and “PostgreSQL”, can be easily undertaken and run in place of the “MySQL”. One can thus easily consult the “Zope” or the so called “Plone” zone.

It has been well noticed that infinite websites can be easily hosted with the help of virtual servers. The popular “Apache Virtual Hosts”, have been used by numerous business enterprises these days, and they have given one of the finest solutions’, when it comes to hosting one of the best cloud management techniques. Other kinds of solutions as the “FTP servers” are also easily hosted under the managed VPS hosting solutions. Thus, one can easily try a mailing server, or any other server for almost any kind of environment.

The data centers which have been established have helped the users to access the various email hosting provider from any remote corner of the world. You just have to get in touch with the official website of the data centers and their help and support desk will deal with each and every problem you have faced during hosting of your websites.

The VPS servers have also helped in the successful storage of your data in bulks, and you can use them for your back-ups and related tasks as well. The managed VPS hosting severs are thus preferred for the reasonable prices they offer for their services. It has also been found that millions f users are using the email hosting provider as well on a daily basis. This facility has no doubt enhanced their email set up and support and helped them in the careful management of the precious data which is saved in the form of Emails, and other related files as well.


Email Hosting and the Difference between Dedicated and Managed VPS Hosting

7 Aug

Email Hosting Services

Nowadays business organizations have started using personalized Email hosting servers to ensure continuous and more reliable Email marketing campaign. Generally en email host provides the required resources to set up personal email hosting providers that matches with the domain name of you website. It is more than sufficient to give new heights to your existing business. People in general always look for professionals who can carry out the work in the best possible manner and having an Email hosting of your own will certainly make them feel good about you.

Choosing between Managed VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Today website owners are looking for better and improved options to make their website features pack and fast to response. Hosting server plays a vital role in making your website accessible immediately and also gives you choices to add as many features as you wish to. Dedicates servers have certainly outperformed the traditional and old shared servers.  But in recent few years there has been lot of buzz about Managed VPS Hosting. So, you really wish to now which one better between the two. There are some basic differences between a dedicated server and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Knowing the differences is important especially for those who were still using a shared server and now looking to upgrade.

  • Managed VPS Hosting

Clients are offered greater control over website without worrying about the servers. More often than not it is a hosting company that manages server and rest you can take care of. Managed VPS Hosting is just the most perfect remedy for all clients who do not wish to get into technical details for highest performance of server, but are only looking to have secured and guaranteed resources. Some of the Managed VPS hosting servers also allow to use shared resources if it has not been used already. This can be a wonderful remedy for websites to add desired features with ultimate flexibility.

Managed VPS Hosting

  • Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is all about no sharing but complete use of the bandwidth and space. Clients in this type of hosting are allowed to make the full use of available resources. Some of the more advanced servers allow clients to create partitions in the server itself and make proper distribution of the resources. But dedicated severs are quite expensive in comparison to a shared host, so care must be taken while making a selection of the host.

You as a client it are your responsibility to point out your own requirements and then make a selection. High quality servers can surely make a website easy to access while a bad one will make things worse for you.

Benefits Offered by Cloud Server Hosting to Your Business

28 May
Cloud Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting is a kind of hosting service in which multiple servers are arranged in a cluster or cloud formation for providing web hosting services to the clients. This kind of hosting is most suited in business domains where a large number of customers are to be served over a wide area, and thus the processing speed and bandwidth requirement is very high.
Cloud server hosting is the most recent addition to the hosting types present in the industry; it has become very popular in a very short span of time. The reason for such prevalence of this hosting option so rapidly is the benefits provided by it. Some important benefits offered by cloud server hosting to your business are listed below:
  •     In a standard hosting plan only single server processing speed is available, while in cloud server hosting multiple servers’ processing speed is available.
  •     The user can install multiple programs and applications in case of cloud hosting.
  •     The user can modify the server resources while on move in case of cloud hosting; he may also upgrade the server components as per requirement.
  •     In this kind of hosting network down times are virtually absent owing to the availability of multiple servers. In case one server stops responding, some other server present in the cloud gets down to business.
  •     Since in cloud hosting several servers are located on a single virtual platform, the costs remain under control; this benefit is transferred to the client in form of economical service.
  •     You get dedicated server level service at the cost of shared hosting or may be less than that.
  •     In cloud hosting you are required to pay only for the resources actually used by you and not a flat fee, which is usually high.
  •     Optimum server security is offered by cloud hosting; data is protected even against critical factors like power cuts, fire, and calamities.
The relevance of cloud server hosting for your business could be well assessed through above points. You may go through these points once again and decide whether you find cloud server hosting a good hosting option for your business or not.
 CloudOYE is a leading hosting solution providing firm and email hosting company. The firm is in operation for over a decade in the hosting industry. Their services are designed by industry experts to provide maximum worth for your money. You may get further information about Cloud Data Center Services like Cloud Server Hosting, along with Email Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Server Management, etc.

Why to Choose Managed VPS Hosting?

24 May

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a single physical server with various virtual partitions on it, where each partition acts like an individual server. VPS server can also be customized to suit the client’s needs. This server is primarily used for providing web-hosting service. There are two basic types of VPS hosting, viz., Unmanaged VPS Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting; the latter is more beneficial and some of its important merits are mentioned under:

  • In managed VPS hosting the maintenance works like server monitoring, installation of applications, updates, system configuration, etc., are undertaken by the service provider; hence, it provides peace of mind to the client company’s entrepreneur.
  • Managed VPS hosting option proves significantly economical in comparison to the unmanaged. This is because with managed hosting service you are not required to purchase IT equipment or employ IT staff.
  • Round the clock technical support is provided by the hosting firm in case of managed hosting to resolve customer issues.
  • The managed hosting plan also includes the management of root kit monitors, firewalls, and various other security features.
  • Conducting tasks like data backup, server reboot, and system recovery is comparatively convenient in managed hosting.

CloudOYE is a leading firm that offers a variety of hosting solutions. The firm has over a decade of industry experiences and is serving a wide base of global customers. You may get more information about Managed Cloud Hosting, along with Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Server Hosting, Server Management, Email Hosting Providers, and more.

Enhance Productivity with Managed VPS Hosting

21 Apr
Productivity is defined as the net result or output generated after performing a particular task for a specific of period of time. Thus, if after working for 8 hours in a day, if your team is able to generate $50,000 sales by using various sales and marketing related methods, then your team is reflecting a productivity of $50,000 if we calculate in terms of revenue generated. Productivity can be defined and described in various other methods as well, depending on the requirement and specifications.

If we calculate and evaluate productivity in terms of IT spending and total hours consumed by IT specialists and users, then it has been found that high end services such as managed VPS hosting can bring scale up productivity in an exponential way, sometime over-taking the total productivity of the whole company. And such amazing results are only possible due to methodological and systematic approach of managed VPS hosting.

In this type of website hosting plan, every tasks and actions related to the overall hosting mechanism is being managed by a dedicated team of specialists. In case there is any issue related to the hosting aspect of your business, this team will manage and trouble shoot the issues as and when they occur. Just instant resolution of IT related problems can assist your company in improving the ROI, and increasing productivity.

For more information related to advantages of managed VPS hosting, you are encouraged to visit our plans and features section.

Cloud Servers Works Best for Start-UPS

17 Apr
As we all know, cloud servers are here to stay. With exponential growth and demand for such servers, more and more businesses are choosing cloud servers as their chosen medium for IT infrastructure and management. Especially in the area of website hosting, cloud server are the next big thing to have happened in the technological world. Websites which are hosted on cloud Server are faster, sharper and better. Users of such website face no issues while accessing such websites and their user experience is all time high.

However, if you are the CEO of a start-up, and looking for efficient as well as effective solutions for IT management, then there can be no better option than cloud servers.

As there is no infrastructure costs associated while using cloud, your business can always ensure uninterrupted computing power and availability. With cloud infrastructure, you are always mobile and flexible. Depending on the usage and requirement, the hardware configuration and other factors such as bandwidth and disk-space can be scaled up, and scaled down. This translates to better financial management as you are not paying for something which you didn’t use, and can avail world class facilities as when required.

If you are searching for cloud based website hosting solutions, then you have arrived at the right destination. With over 10 years of experience in providing world class cloud based solutions,CloudOYE is the name to reckon with when it comes to IT management and solutions. For details information, you are encouraged to directly visit our Server Co-location and cloud servers section.