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Why Choose A Dedicated Server?

19 Sep

The creation of a website is an easy task especially since there are so many tools and resources that are available on the internet that are free. But after the website has been created it needs to be hosted on the internet. You can have two options for hosting your website. One is shared hosting and the other option is dedicated hosting.

Dedicated server is a kind of internet hosting where a client leases a server entirely and this server is not shared. Such servers are often purchased by organizations when they require more control over their server. So they can either rent or purchase the hardware from the host company. In turn the hosting company is expected to manage and support the server.

Why Choose A Dedicated Server?

This is in contrast to the shared server, where you share the server with a number of other users.

Dedicated servers are usually are similar to colocation facilities in the sense that they are housed in data centers. The data centers provide HVAC systems and power resources to ensure that your server is working in optimal conditions always. The fact that the data centers create optimal condition for the working of your servers is just one of the many reasons, why one may want to prefer dedicated server hosting. There are a number of other options as well that dedicated server hosting provides to the clients.

Advantages of Dedicated Server hosting

It could be a big decision, to allow an outside company to manage our business. But there may be many questions in your mind before you can reach a conclusion. You may be faced with questions such as-will my data remain safe? Would they really do what is expected of them?

There are many benefits that a dedicated server hosting offers, that would easily help one to arrive at a consensus.


Dedicated servers offer more flexibility than shared hosting services. This is because of a variety of reasons. Dedicated serve allow more control over the server which includes choice of hardware, operating system and much more. Additionally the server administration can be provided by the host company, so you need not hire your own server administrators.


A dedicated server can offer lots of bandwidth that would provide the security that one would need. This is great for companies having larger websites that need support. Since dedicated servers offer large amounts of bandwidth, there would be faster loading time, since the entire server is dedicated to running your software. So, dedicated server hosting could be a great option if your website requires higher data transfer rates and requires higher availability.


With dedicated server solutions, you can create various domains on the same platform. This can be a great advantage for large corporations that might require multiple divisions. You would also enjoy much more operational stability as you would have more control over your server. Your up-time also would not be affected.


Since the dedicated server cater to your website only, therefore you would have all the bandwidth and disk space to yourself only and you would not have to worry about disk space and bandwidth. Hence, you would have the freedom to build your website as sophisticated and as large as you want.


Dedicated server hosting is also more secure than shared server hosting as you would have complete control over the security of the server. On the contrary, in shared servers you would not have this kind of control, simply because you share it with a lot of other people.

Technical Support:

Last but not the least; one would have technicians that would be available for 24*7 supports. Since you would own the entire server, any problem that you might face, would be dealt on priority and would be resolved in seconds. You won’t experience this in case of shared server.

Dedicated server hosting is aimed at businesses and enterprises that are on their way up. It can be used as an intermediary towards a flourishing business online. You also, therefore get an option to upgrade easily. These servers also come up with easy to use control panels that would allow easy access to quite a few popular features. Dedicated server hosting has garnered a lot of popularity in the recent years due to all these features.

Cloud handling made easy..!!

3 Aug

It is well known that while doing an online business requires the usage of various cloud server hosting techniques as well as those related to server collocation. The cloud handling techniques have gained a lot of importance and have become popular these days. Before you end up avail these services for business purposes, it is better that you make a detailed search on the advantages of these cloud server hosting features. One should know the phenomenon behind the usage of the cloud handling techniques, and how are they powered, along with he modes of their operation.

For various tasks of networking related to the online business, you are hosting, you may require, the server collocation, with a unique blend of one of the nest cloud server hosting services. Various commercials related to the same are easily seen on the web these days. It is amazing to note that the cloud server hosting and computing services are going to gain momentum in the near future as well, as they have become popular in the IT industry and are a part of the present electronic boom as well.

Basically, in the cloud server hosting, numerous systems are pooled easily together. Then they are utilized for various purposes as well as applications related to cloud hosting. It has been found that when you are on to resources sharing, as linked from various residential computers. When the resources of various home systems are shared together, using the cloud server hosting, it gives you an added advantage. The most important benefit of these services includes easy customization as well as the highest level of functioning as well. When you are carrying your own business, sometimes the required resources are not available .Thus you may face problems running the related applications as well as various other procedures for business purposes.

Benefits Offered by Cloud Server Hosting to Your Business

28 May
Cloud Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting is a kind of hosting service in which multiple servers are arranged in a cluster or cloud formation for providing web hosting services to the clients. This kind of hosting is most suited in business domains where a large number of customers are to be served over a wide area, and thus the processing speed and bandwidth requirement is very high.
Cloud server hosting is the most recent addition to the hosting types present in the industry; it has become very popular in a very short span of time. The reason for such prevalence of this hosting option so rapidly is the benefits provided by it. Some important benefits offered by cloud server hosting to your business are listed below:
  •     In a standard hosting plan only single server processing speed is available, while in cloud server hosting multiple servers’ processing speed is available.
  •     The user can install multiple programs and applications in case of cloud hosting.
  •     The user can modify the server resources while on move in case of cloud hosting; he may also upgrade the server components as per requirement.
  •     In this kind of hosting network down times are virtually absent owing to the availability of multiple servers. In case one server stops responding, some other server present in the cloud gets down to business.
  •     Since in cloud hosting several servers are located on a single virtual platform, the costs remain under control; this benefit is transferred to the client in form of economical service.
  •     You get dedicated server level service at the cost of shared hosting or may be less than that.
  •     In cloud hosting you are required to pay only for the resources actually used by you and not a flat fee, which is usually high.
  •     Optimum server security is offered by cloud hosting; data is protected even against critical factors like power cuts, fire, and calamities.
The relevance of cloud server hosting for your business could be well assessed through above points. You may go through these points once again and decide whether you find cloud server hosting a good hosting option for your business or not.
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How to Choose The Best Email Hosting Company

25 Apr

The importance and relevance of emails in contemporary business environment is not hidden. More and more companies and enterprises are relying on emails for communicating with their customers and clients. The reason for such huge popularity of emails in online businesses is the fact that emails are so simple to use and operate. The marketing department has to compose a nice email template and share with the user. That’s it. Every type of communication, news and announcements can be conveniently shared across the customers list.

In order to have a successful and result oriented email campaign, it is important to have a reliable and dependable email hosting provider or corporate email solutions. Before finalizing your provider, there should be a thorough examination and research related to the various factors of email marketing. In short, below are some of the features which should be calibrated before choosing your email hosting company:

a) Security: These days, the danger of viruses and Trojans are always looking overhead. And, emails the primary carriers of these viruses and Trojans. Even if a single security firewall is breached, it can endanger the whole IT Infrastructure of the organization. Thus, it is imperative to choose the email hosting provider which can ensure complete security against these viruses.

b) Features: Carefully check the features of the email hosting company before making the final choice. The features and tools available should be rightfully adjusted and marked-up with the existing tasks which your company plans to carry out. If the required functions and tools are not present, then there is no point in choosing the provider.

c)  Price: At the end, the pricing options should be checked and compared with all existing providers of email hosting and then choosing the one which in under your marketing budget.

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Cloud Servers Works Best for Start-UPS

17 Apr
As we all know, cloud servers are here to stay. With exponential growth and demand for such servers, more and more businesses are choosing cloud servers as their chosen medium for IT infrastructure and management. Especially in the area of website hosting, cloud server are the next big thing to have happened in the technological world. Websites which are hosted on cloud Server are faster, sharper and better. Users of such website face no issues while accessing such websites and their user experience is all time high.

However, if you are the CEO of a start-up, and looking for efficient as well as effective solutions for IT management, then there can be no better option than cloud servers.

As there is no infrastructure costs associated while using cloud, your business can always ensure uninterrupted computing power and availability. With cloud infrastructure, you are always mobile and flexible. Depending on the usage and requirement, the hardware configuration and other factors such as bandwidth and disk-space can be scaled up, and scaled down. This translates to better financial management as you are not paying for something which you didn’t use, and can avail world class facilities as when required.

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Three Advantages of Server Colocation

16 Apr
If you are active in online marketing and eCommerce, then the importance and relevance of a good website hosting service is not hidden from you. Without a robust website hosting, your business is simply without spine. Unless your hosting provider offers seamless connectivity and timely technical support, you cannot aim to grow and expand your business. This is the reason that several online businesses have resorted to maintaining their own in-house arrangement for website hosting services. However, such an arrangement is often expensive and consumes lots of resources. Then, what is the ideal option for such online business owners?

The solution lies in Server Colocation. Server Colocation is a website hosting model wherein the actual hardware and website servers are placed offsite, with a vendor who specializes in such offering. There are various data centers in India which can provide you the best server colocation options.

Below are the three main advantages of choosing server colocation:

a)  Reduced cost: By choosing not to install in-house website hosting service, your organization can save lots of money. Server colocation is typically provided by a vendor which has the required compatibly and resources to fulfill the demands. Thus, you are no longer required to worry about the expensive web servers or networking equipment. Everything is being taken care of by the vendor.

            Focus on business logic: Server colocation assists your business to take more focus on the core business logic. In case you are busy managing and optimizing the in-house set-up of hosting services, then the top management of the company can ignore the more important tasks at hand such as managing the company operations. One of the most crucial factors of a successful business venture is their ability to focus on the more important and relevant tasks at hand, rather than getting distracted and wasting time. By choosing such website hosting plan, you as the business owner or manager of the company can work more on the primary business, thus enabling more productivity and profits.

Improved performance: Server colocation has proved that the performance always improvises after choosing this hosting model. As your website and information would be hosted on powerful servers and computers, you can be assured of receiving top notch service which can propel and encourage more business for you.

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The Modern Concept of Data Centre Management & Its Benefits

13 Apr

What is a Data Centre?

A data centre is an advanced facility in which computer systems and various other associated equipment like telecommunication devices and storage systems are installed. Data centre is intended for the storage, management, and dissemination of data related to a particular domain in which a business deals. Today, the data center India industry is a very vast industry and data center services are availed by many firms. According to Carrie Higbie, of Global Network Applications, “every organization has a data center, although it might be referred to as a server room or even a computer closet”. The terms like ‘computer closet’ and ‘server room’ are most often used in India. Anyway, data centers are basically of four types, viz., Corporate Data Centres, Web Hosting Data Centers, Turnkey Solution providing Data Centres, and Data centres that use the Web 2.0 technology.

What is Data Centre Management?
As we have got an idea about what a data center is, now let’s come to data center management. Data center management is a broad field that involves a variety of tasks. The primary tasks involved in it are data regulating, troubleshooting, server monitoring, contingency measures, performance enhancement, and so. These days, the large IT firms put stress on Centralized Data Center Management, which offers many important benefits. One important benefit of centralized data center management is that it improves system security by leveraging current authentication schema such as LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS+, etc.

Benefits of Data Centre Management
The ever-increasing size and complication of data centres has made it necessary for the data centre managers, engineers, administrators, and other associated professionals to quickly and effectively access servers, networking devices, and other critical equipment. The modern data centre technologies and software fulfills these purposes completely. Given below are some important benefits of data centre management:

  • It makes it possible to manage and troubleshoot servers, serial devices, etc., both locally and from remote locations.
  • Data centre management facilitates decreasing system down times greatly.
  • It helps in protecting critical data pertaining to an organization from threats that arise due to catastrophes.
  • It centralizes data center control and operation.
  • It saves valuable costs of the organization and increases efficiency of operations.

In the modern times, virtually every organization has to handle data, whether it’s internal (organizational) data or external data (belonging to clients, in case the company is in data centre business). So, Data Centre Management can be said a prerequisite for the development and growth of any organization, especially those in the IT and web development business. The data centre India industry is also expanding day by day due to the consistently increasing demand for data centre services. This shows that the majority of modern organizations in India have started to acknowledge the importance of data centre management for the growth of their business, which is a good sign for the future of data centre India industry.

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