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Why dedicated server hosting became so popular among businesses?

4 Dec

With rising advancement in technology, rapidly emerging organizations are seeking most unswerving and secure hosting provision.  There are different hosting solutions available in the market. However, you can’t go and randomly pick any hosting provision for hosting your website. You need to understand and identify your business requirements and accordingly take a decision. Let’s suppose if you are looking out separate and dedicated environment, then I would say dedicated server hosting is one of the most ideal options to consider.

As with dedicated server India, you can enjoy not only dedicated space but also high quality bandwidth, and more processing power. Hence, it is worth selecting dedicated server hosting service provider, which can facilitate you with the required hardware component and support services for management of your server.

Let’s have a quick glance at how dedicated server hosting can help your business:

  • Reliability: It is highly reliable and secure as you don’t have to share your resources and space with other users, so your mission critical data remains save.
  • Security: Dedicated servers are comparatively more secured to other server. Simply because of the fact that you are not sharing your hosting space with any other users. Hence, no one can intrude.
  • Complete control: You can completely configure the setting as per your changing business requirements.
  • Flexibility: Dedicated server in India enables to scale up or down the resources as and when required.

Why Are Dedicated Servers Considered a Smart Business Investment?

1 Dec

As the global economy continues to be conservative, enterprises are striving to offer better experience to their customers. This is compelling both large and small sized businesses to deploy adequate technology while having adequate computing resources to power up their mission critical business applications.

Additionally, it is important for organizations to have robust firewalls with stringent security provisioning to minimize security breaches and fatal errors. Thus, IT teams of most of the companies are considering dedicated server hosting as a primary requisite to boost their business performance.

Dedicated server is considered as an optimal solution for organizations with complicated applications, storage, data back up, and disaster recovery needs. By availing this hosting solution, businesses can cut down the risks associated with maintaining servers on their own premises like network downtime issues, maintenance, up-gradation, and other security threats.

In this light, Dedicated Server India plays a vital role in powering enterprises with the flexibility to easily scale up and down resources basis their dynamic business requirements. The service providers use the latest tools and technology with stringent security protocols to power your website performance and ensure round the clock availability to efficiently handle your website traffic.

Moreover, the servers facilitate users to self manage their portal and run custom-built applications that ultimately minimizes their provisioning time. In this way, companies by embracing dedicated hosting solutions can achieve higher ROI along with augmenting their business performance.

Improve your website performance with Dedicated Server

12 Jun

Dedicated servers have been majorly preferred by businesses as compared to other hosting provision due to the myriad of advantaged attached to it. A dedicated server can be referred to as one single web server devoted to one single commercial website. No resources are at all shared with other users as the server is owned by a single user only.

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India
In dedicated server hosting, the service provider usually leases out his own processor, hard drive, and RAM and bandwidth capability. Hence, you don’t have to invest any upfront cost in the procurement of these IT resources. All you need to do is to choose the resources as per your business requirements and pay for the services on monthly or yearly basis. There are two different types of dedicated server, that is, window and Linux-based. Each type aforesaid servers have their own unique features. However, which one you would prefer to choose completely depends on your varying business requirements. As both the types of dedicated servers are considered to best for website hosting in their own way.

Through this post, we would like to highlight some of the key advantages of Windows based Dedicated Server Hosting:

–    Your commercial website can handle huge volume of traffic, without facing any accessibility problems. Thus, even if your website experiences unexpected spike in traffic during point of time, the server is capable enough to handle the sudden increase in the web traffic from back-end and ensure that your website visitors have a smooth surfing experience. Such capability not only beneficial for the organization and the brand, but also enables them to launch newer and more exciting offers with peace of mind.

–    There are numerous instances when the websites have to offer personalized and bespoke applications for highest utilization. In such events, it is always advantageous to have grass root level access of the server in order to configure the interface as and when required. And, such type of grass root level of access is only and only possible through Windows Dedicated Server. With the usage of several programming language, specifically ASP.net and other scripting languages, you can swiftly program tailored application. This is a most important benefit relatively to other type of dedicated servers.

–    Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India can be housed easily with the usage of a windows based platform. It can only be made cheap when several websites and applications are housed into them. In such cases, Windows platform is an ideal option because it provides much required flexibility and scalability for complete operation.

In the end, would conclude by saying that when it comes to your commercial website always make sure that you do the required research on the type of server you would like to host your website. Weigh down all the pros and cons of each and every server available in the market and then make a right decision.

What Should be Kept in Mind While Selecting a Dedicated Server?

24 Mar

The dedicated server is the one which requires less support and the other kinds of services which are present in a dedicated server are way better than the managed dedicated servers. Now, though it is always advisable to have your exchange email hosting on a dedicated server but still the server which is managed provides more support and services. Normally the managed server has got a target client base which consists of people who are technically challenged or have limited technical knowledge. On the other hand the dedicated server in India works well with big business houses (who have a separate and dedicated IT team) and big website companies.
Dedicated Server
The basic management of server involves paying attention to the following things:

  • Amenities for firewall
  • Safeguarding software from any type of spam.
  • Providing tech support
  • Modification of the applications on a regular basis
  • Modernizing the OS (operating system) regularly
  • Fixing and configuring any kind of new software
  • Preserving regular backups and re-establishment of data in case of data loss
  • Observing of the server
  • Supervising and giving access as per the requirement of the users
  • DNS Hosting
  • Antivirus updating at regular interim’s
  • Any other kind of discussion service that could be requisite

Thus, no matter whether you have a Dedicated Server Hosting, cloud server hosting or a shared server hosting; it is important that you do take proper care of the server and work on the above stated list of items. Any kind of lackadaisical attitude towards the server might lead to crashing of the server and that would make you suffer huge losses of important data across the board.

In the end, would conclude by saying that a dedicated server is a very important service for a business, so if you are looking forward to buy one, make sure that you buy from the best in the market.

Dedicated Server: Points to keep in mind

15 Feb

There are many important points that one should keep in mind while you are planning to buy a dedicated server for your business. Although, it is always advisable to maintain your exchange email hosting on a dedicated server. However a managed server provides more support and services thereby ensuring smooth  business operations . Normally, the managed server has got a target client base, which consists of people who are technically challenged or have limited technical knowledge. On the other hand, the dedicated server in India works well with big business houses (who have a separate and dedicated IT team) and big website companies.

Dedicated Hosting India

Dedicated Server

The basic management of server involves paying attention to the following points:

  • Monitoring of server
  • Services for firewall
  • Securing software from any kind of spam
  • Maintaining regular backups and restoration of data in case of data loss
  • Updating the applications regularly
  • Installation  and configuration of  any new software
  • Controlling and giving access to users as per their requirement
  • Hosting the DNS
  • Update the antivirus at regular intervals
  • Any other consultation service that might be required

Thus, no matter whether you have a Dedicated Server Hosting or a shared one; it is important that you do take proper care of the server and maintain the above mentioned list of items. Any kind of careless attitude towards the server might lead it to crash and that would make you suffer huge losses of important data across the board. So, be careful to maintain a constant vigilance all the time.

Why are dedicated servers essential?

12 Feb

Dedicated Hosting

Many times people while selecting a dedicated server, land up in dilemma. The problem that they face is the decision making about buying or renting the servers. They keep thinking whether they should buy a dedicated server or should they go and rent one? This question can be best answered by you. In case you are into a business wherein if the server crashes or it faces some issues then that would make you incur huge loses, so it is advisable that you should have a dedicated server at your disposal on which you can not only move your data traffic, but also configure your exchange email hosting.

Also with a dedicated server one will get more time to invest in different other aspects of business rather than trying to troubleshoot problems that happen with the server. But then, a rented server will always cost you much less and therefore you’ll end up saving your capital which you would later need to spend on a new Dedicated Server Hosting.

So, the point is that a server which is totally dedicated for your work is only required depending on the nature of job you are into and if not, then having the same will hamper your business and revenues negatively. Though technology always suggests that you should have a Dedicated Server of your own as that gives you more freedom over the way it works plus you would be able to squeeze out more benefits from it.

Informative FAQs about Dedicated Servers

3 Jan

Dedicated Servers are the most powerful and resourceful website hosting server currently available. They can provide you the maximum memory space, maximum bandwidth and maximum speed when it comes to website hosting; which means maximum performance for your website and optimal return on investment. Several website owners and online businessmen think and ponder over the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server, but due to lack of knowledge and experience, they don’t take the final decision of opting for it, which prevents their online based businesses to really succeed and reach the next level of success.

Dedicated Server, Dedicated Server India

Dedicated Server

In this article, sponsored by CloudOYE, we will discuss some of the common FAQs or frequently asked questions related to dedicated servers:

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a very powerful computer, which is used to host your website. In this case, only your website would be hosted in this computer, and no other website or application shall be shared with it. You can utilize and exploit every bit of bandwidth, memory space and processing power for your own cause. Depending on the usage, the configurations can be altered as well. A dedicated server can be used for individual usage as well as for hosting large corporate data and files.

What are the different types of Dedicated Servers?

Currently, there are mainly two types of dedicated servers available in the market: Managed and Un-managed Dedicated Servers. In managed service, the service provider takes the responsibility of monitoring and optimizing the servers from end to end. Tasks such as patch installation, upgrades and security checks are carried on with the help of technicians from the service provider itself. On the other hand, in un-managed service, the above mentioned tasks are carried on by the company which hires the servers. The service provider has no role in optimizing the servers. Such type of unman-aged service works best when the website owner or the IT team has considerable resources to manage the servers.

What is the purpose of Dedicated Servers?

The main purpose of having dedicated servers is performance. Very clearly and crisply, the owner of the website opting for such type of website hosting service needs to be communicated that if the website attracts large number of traffic on a daily basis, and the user generated activity is increasing, then dedicated servers are the best bet for consistent performance. On the other hand, if the online business owner manages several websites, then also its recommended to have dedicated servers so that all those websites can be hosted and managed from a single platform.

What are the major advantages of Dedicated Servers over Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting works best for that website which is still new and low traffic is being attracted. Security is another factor which makes dedicated servers more preferable over shared website hosting. Again, performance and productivity are the keywords here.

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