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Informative FAQs about Dedicated Servers

3 Jan

Dedicated Servers are the most powerful and resourceful website hosting server currently available. They can provide you the maximum memory space, maximum bandwidth and maximum speed when it comes to website hosting; which means maximum performance for your website and optimal return on investment. Several website owners and online businessmen think and ponder over the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server, but due to lack of knowledge and experience, they don’t take the final decision of opting for it, which prevents their online based businesses to really succeed and reach the next level of success.

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Dedicated Server

In this article, sponsored by CloudOYE, we will discuss some of the common FAQs or frequently asked questions related to dedicated servers:

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a very powerful computer, which is used to host your website. In this case, only your website would be hosted in this computer, and no other website or application shall be shared with it. You can utilize and exploit every bit of bandwidth, memory space and processing power for your own cause. Depending on the usage, the configurations can be altered as well. A dedicated server can be used for individual usage as well as for hosting large corporate data and files.

What are the different types of Dedicated Servers?

Currently, there are mainly two types of dedicated servers available in the market: Managed and Un-managed Dedicated Servers. In managed service, the service provider takes the responsibility of monitoring and optimizing the servers from end to end. Tasks such as patch installation, upgrades and security checks are carried on with the help of technicians from the service provider itself. On the other hand, in un-managed service, the above mentioned tasks are carried on by the company which hires the servers. The service provider has no role in optimizing the servers. Such type of unman-aged service works best when the website owner or the IT team has considerable resources to manage the servers.

What is the purpose of Dedicated Servers?

The main purpose of having dedicated servers is performance. Very clearly and crisply, the owner of the website opting for such type of website hosting service needs to be communicated that if the website attracts large number of traffic on a daily basis, and the user generated activity is increasing, then dedicated servers are the best bet for consistent performance. On the other hand, if the online business owner manages several websites, then also its recommended to have dedicated servers so that all those websites can be hosted and managed from a single platform.

What are the major advantages of Dedicated Servers over Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting works best for that website which is still new and low traffic is being attracted. Security is another factor which makes dedicated servers more preferable over shared website hosting. Again, performance and productivity are the keywords here.

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